Thursday, October 9, 2008

Election '08

Would love to hear all the thoughts of my colleagues about how you are all approaching this fine election with your students? My first year of teaching was 2000, and I learned a whole lot about teaching about the election that year. (There was nothing more priceless than my exasperated students coming in that morning and requesting new electoral maps because theirs that they had colored the night before, needed to be fixed because Florida had changed colors so many times! It was funny to tell them- no one knows what color it should be!)

I would especially like to hear the thoughts of any younger grade teachers. How much detail are you going into? Are you talking specifics about the candidates or sticking with just the process? I'm jealous slightly of those of you teaching high school because I would think/hope that you are able to have some really great discussions with your kids. My biggest problem is that the kids just repeat all that they hear at home. (I'm sure others at all levels run into this problem too.)

Anybody? Anybody?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Encounters and Exchanges in U.S. History - Year Three

I am happy to announce that the Encounters and Exchanges in U.S. History Teaching American History Grant Professional Development project is entering its third successful year.

To see a description of our theme and program offerings for Year Three click here.

The Encounters and Exchanges in U.S. History website also provides information about programming, selected U.S. History website resources, and lesson plans.