Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Encounters and Exchanges TAH Grant --- Three Years, But Not Finished!

I am truly saddened as the third year of the TAH Grant comes to a close. Being a full-time participant for all three years, I was able to attend many of the amazing offerings. I hope that Kara secures an extension of the Grant and another for the Elementary level; both teachers and students would benefit!

Even though this grant is ending, it isn't really over! It is my understanding that the "Encounters and Exchanges" website will continue to be hosted by the University of Lowell. I will admit that I have not really browsed through many of my peers' lessons and other resources packed onto this site. I am usually scrounging around trying to finish my own!

The fact that this site will remain on the Web is, of course, a continuation of the effective pedagogy, materials, and great resources received through this grant. I have shared this site with my department members and have encouraged all to bookmark it for future reference.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for any future TAH Grants...

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. It's been a pleasure meeting and working with so many exceptional educators!

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Helen said...

Doesn't it seem crazy that these three years are over? It's pretty amazing to reflect on all the materials, content lessons, and strategies gained through this grant that are now part of my teaching repetoire.

How we all get to keep blogging next year!

Enjoy your summer Kathryn!